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What is Better Lighting 2.0?

Better Lighting is a lighting tool Addon for Blender. It helps you create incredible lighting effects and offers a convenient PieMenu for easier operation!

Easy-to-Use PieMenu UI

Quickly adjust lighting settings directly in the 3D Viewport
for efficient workflow enhancements.

Extensive Lighting Presets Library

Access a rich collection of lighting presets to effortlessly create dynamic lighting effects
with just one light source.

Over 90% of the presets are animated

(can also be set to static)

More presets will be added in future update

Here are some things you need to know
before making a purchase

- Compatibility -Win10 / Win11 / MacOS / Linux
Blender 3.4 ~ 4.1 Cycles
- Rendering Speed -
The rendering speed depends on your computer configuration and rendering settings. We do not make any guarantees regarding this.

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